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We will meet with you one-on-one to help you write a business plan you can implement immediately to generate leads, appointments, and sales.

We know how challenging it is to sell real estate and grow a business.

You have discount brokerages, competing agents, and hundreds of ways to get clients (all are not equal, we'll tell you). Plus, you have branding and marketing, accounting, community relations, training, risk management, staffing and technology.

It can get overwhelming to stick to a consistent business plan that makes you money.

I want to help you sell more homes, develop your leadership and grow your business.

Let us learn about your needs, goals, and what attracted you to the real estate industry. We are happy to offer our insight on what to do in your situation to grow your business.

We will be open with you about the strategies we're using right now to generate leads and sales.

Taking in to consideration how you like to do business (referrals, prospecting, marketing, events, etc.), we’ll help you create the best business plan customized to your goals.

You’ll walk away with a plan of action, with steps you can take immediately, to uncover homeowners in this market, who want to sell their home and list with you.

This will help you effectively scale your business and get you the consistent commission income and the freedom we all want.

Meet Brooks Trisler

Since 2016 the i-Lead Realty Group under Samuel "Brooks" Trisler's leadership has proudly represented over 220 clients and closed over 200 transactions with a value of $81 million and an average price of approximately $400,000

Prior to founding the i-Lead Realty Group, Mr. Trisler served over 20 years in executive management as a Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”) for Big 4 Accounting firm, Deloitte and Touche, and Fortune 500 companies across many industries. He directed large teams and trained hundreds of professionals. As a CPA, Brooks is required to maintain public trust, integrity, objectivity and due care.

Brooks’ experience placed him on projects with thought leaders where he worked on complex real estate structures. He is considered to be an industry expert. His vast professional network ensures that every situation has a strategy and a solution.

Brooks is a man of faith. He is a proud father and his daughter is also a real estate advisor learning the business.


Experience in Leadership and Success

iLead Legends takes not only real estate seriously but also leadership and disciplines in daily life


Digital Marketing Strategies

We are devoted to learning and implementing the top digital marketing tools available in the industry


Commercial Real Estate Success

Our team is succeeding right now in major commercial deals


Homes Sold

Multiple millions in gross commission income

The Road to Success is Rarely, if Ever, Linear

It's important to be open minded when it comes to your strategies for success in Real Estate. From time to time you need to open up your map and evaluate:

  • Does this strategy still make sense for my goals?

  • Are there any new strategies I'm not aware of?

  • What partnerships can push me forward?

Success is in our sights.

A plan takes away a lot of the anxiety associated with getting to where you desire to be in your real estate career.

Sell More Homes in Less Time

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i-Lead Legends Realty Team

Let's meet your goals for 2023

You can't win if you don't keep score. The significance of sharing your goals with us is ensuring you start on the path to achieve them. But we don't just want to see you start, we want to see you reach those goals and we're ready to offer every tool available.



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i-Lead Legends Realty Team

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81 Mil+



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Become an i-Lead Legend

Success in Real Estate is more than just sales.

What Our Team Members Think

Danny Peters

"The best part about working at i-Lead so far has been the support of Brooks Trisler, our team leader. To the core, he is a supportive man. Simply put, my last job in oil and gas, I had a “team” but nothing like Brooks. Brooks will do anything for you..."


"I was completely new to sales, 100%. And I always said, “I’ll never be in sales!” But real estate has completely changed my life. Brooks definitely does so much for us. He provides so many resources for us, so many ways to get leads and it’s just amazing."


"If Brooks wasn’t here, I probably wouldn’t be at i-Lead Realty. Brooks…he’s a great mentor. It took my friend almost 6 months to a year to even sell his first house. But for me, it was three months and I had my first contract."

Let us help you. No strings attached.

We fundamentally believe that being leaders in our industry makes us better at what we do. i-Lead Legends is very active in a variety of growth minded and successful activities. Let us be a friend on your journey as a real estate professional.

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